Castela Consulting helps innovative SMEs secure public contracts, grants and external finance to grow a sustainable business and develop innovative solutions.

Having a breakthrough idea in itself won’t win a tender or a grant application. Articulating this idea to demonstrate the social and economic benefits or how it meets the funders’ requirements will. Bid writing is an art and requires us to fully understand the objectives and aspirations of the company bidding and that of the funders.

Headed by Fiona Castela who has secured more than £13M in UK and EU funding for small and large organisations such as the NWDA, The Manchester Growth Company, EEN, a variety of start-up companies, she set it up to deliver tailored business plans, bid and grant application writing services to help newbies and experienced bidders to tap into the billions of pounds that are available to SMEs.

Did you know that the UK government has promised to award 33% of its public funds to SMEs? Have you had your share yet?

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