What we do

To reduce your cost, time and effort through an investment process, Castela Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of service to ensure successful investment, applications and bids. We can tailor them to your requirements depending on your experience and capabilities:-

Funding Bids ∗ Tenders  ∗ Investment Proposals

Business Diagnostics– Is your idea innovative, does your idea already exist, will there be a market for your idea, is the market global, what are the risks in your idea, do you understand the finances. We fully assess your chances of success.

Call to action – Together we run through the Investment Proposal, be it a Grant application or Equity raise, to fully understand your company and product in terms of the innovation opportunity, commercial opportunities, market analysis, company team and financial projections.

Investment Writing – We prepare and write the innovation Grant Application or Equity Proposal for your review and approval.

Grant submission – We complete the web-based registration and submit your grant application.

Feedback – Grant assessors provide feedback on both successful and unsuccessful grant applications; we review feedback and give you advice and guidance.

Grant compliance and Monitoring – When your grant application is approved, we help you comply with all requests from the grant body’s monitoring officers.

Ranges of prices to suit your requirements and purse:-

 diagnostic – interpret – plan – develop – write – monitor – proof read – guide 


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